education requirements


expected salary range

$60K to $124K

training area


Because “Let’s just wing it” isn’t a plan.

Identifies and monitors economic issues and social impacts related to fisheries management in Alaska. Prepares regulatory, economic, statistical and policy analysis reports. This is a great career if you’re smart, a big-picture thinker and care about the effects of Alaska’s fish and seafood industry on a statewide level, and also in individual communities. You get to develop economic models, forecasts and scenarios that protect the future of Alaska’s fisheries.

Here’s what you need:

  • Graduate degree required

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Here’s where you get it:

Course/Program Provider/Location Degree Delivery Length
UAA BBA/BA Economics Anchorage BBA/BA in person 4-5 yrs
UAF MS Fisheries Fairbanks/Juneau CFOS and Statewide where there is a rural campus MS in person and distance (vcon) 2-4 yrs