education requirements


expected salary range

$57K to $74K

training area


Fish whisperer. People wrangler.

Responsible for all aspects of hatchery operations and following best practices of fish and shellfish culture techniques. A hatchery manager needs both management skills and industry-specific knowledge, including hands-on experience in fish/shellfish biology, personnel supervision, harvest management and maintenance of mechanical systems in remote locations. Hatchery managers also ensure that environmental monitoring, compliance and permitting requirements are met. In other words, you’re the boss, and you keep the whole show running.

Here’s what you need:

  • 2-year undergraduate degree in aquaculture technology or bachelor’s degree in fisheries biology required

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Here’s where you get it:

Course/Program Provider/Location Degree Delivery Length
UAF BS Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Statewide where there is a rural campus BS in person and distance (vcon) 4 yrs
UAS AAS Fisheries Technology Statewide AAS Live and some courses async 2 yrs