education requirements


expected salary range

$26K to $39k

training area


Shrimp and oysters and clams, oh my.

Grow, harvest and market shellfish. How? Generally, you’ll buy or collect juvenile shellfish, put them in special nets anchored in the ocean or plant them on a beach, where they feed by filtering Alaska’s high-quality plankton. Keep them clean and protected from predators while they grow, then ship them off to a grocery store somewhere far, far away. Bam! You’re a shellfish farmer.

Here’s what you need:

  • High school diploma or GED required

Here’s how to get it:

Course/Program Provider/Location Degree Delivery Length
Alaska Sea Grant Aquaculture Resources: Publications, presentations, videos, and helpful links Statewide No Online Varies
Alaska Shellfish Growers Association Annual Conference Statewide – Location Varies No Lecture/Lab 3 days